In the spring of 2004, we made a decision that we wanted to change our lives and careers. Initially, a Bed & Breakfast was Beth's idea - something she had considered for years - but Kipp wasn't exactly on board.  However, come the spring of 2004, we were both getting restless and a fateful trip to a vineyard in the mountains of Virginia got the conversation started.  We started looking in North Carolina, Cape Cod, Virginia, ..., but Maine kept coming up in our searches.

In true weekend warrior fashion, we were quietly taking weekend trips up and down the coast to look at places - most friends and family not knowing what we were up to.  One weekend, we had decided to go to Maine to see a property, and a friend suggested we check out Camden.  A quick search on the Internet before our departure to Maine showed that Abigail's Inn was for sale.  We scheduled an appointment for the next day to see the property.

We will always remember the day we drove into Camden for the first time.  It was a crystal clear July day with the sun dancing off the harbor, people bustling around town, the smell of ocean air and a beautiful mountain in the background.  We couldn't believe that we had left 98 degrees at home the day before and it was 68 degrees without haze, humidity, ...  Then we drove into the parking lot of Abigail's Inn and toured the house.  We spent maybe 40 minutes looking and left to visit the next inn further up the coast.  We both looked at one another in the car and said we think that is the inn and we know that we love that town.  We purchased Abigail's Inn that August and began having guests Labor Day Weekend 2004.

We left Virginia and the Washington DC metro area, where we grew up. Friends and family, all thought we were crazy.  They have since realized that we were not - especially once they see how wonderful life is here on the coast of Maine.

When we began this journey it was the three of us - Beth, Kipp and our greyhound Roscoe.  Our family grew rather quickly upon arrival with the birth of our first son Colin in January of 2006 and Brennan in January of 2008.  We lost our beloved Roscoe in 2011 but have since adopted a new inn dog Annabelle a Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever mix (watch out don't let Beth get you hooked on Big Fluffy Dog Rescue).  

It has been an amazing journey.  We have been so fortunate to have so many fantastic guests stay with us and so many of our guests continue to come back and visit us each year.  We hope that we will see you this year and that you will fall in love with Abigail's Inn and Camden like we did.