Winter Fun in Camden, Maine

Winter took its sweet time arriving this year but when it decided to join us it did so with a cold, hard slap.  This morning the temperature outside was -10 degrees.  It is the kind of cold that when you go outside your eyelashes freeze.

Now all that said it is also incredibly beautiful.  When I was taking the boys to school the sun was shining on the harbor and sea smoke was dancing on the water.  There is a quiet energy that this time of year gives you.  You embrace the daylight hours and cuddle down when night falls with hot cup of tea and good book.  I love winter in Maine!

There are also a ton of great activities happening this time of year for the hearty outdoor soul. As the  picture shows one of our favorites is sledding in the Harbor Park.  Also, the Camden Snow Bowl is due to open on January 10th after the first phase of improvements.  From what I understand ski trails will be wider, there is more snow making equipment and there are now two chair lifts making it easier to get to the trails.



Camden Winterfest will begin on January 31st with the annual community ice sculpture contest in the Camden Amphitheater.  See local artists come out and turn blocks of ice into works of art.  There will be craft making for children in the library, some food vendors and the 2nd annual "CamJam" harborside freestyle ski event located in the Harbor Park.  Watch some of our young local talent do amazing tricks on their skis and snowboards.  Winterfest is a week long event leading into Toboggan Nationals.  During the week there will be great shows at the Camden Opera House and at the Camden Public Library.  For additional information on the event you can check out http://www.camdenmaineexperience./content/events/camden_winterfest.asp.

 The 25th Annual US Toboggan Nationals will be taking place the weekend of February 5, 6, and 7.  This is a fun filled event with people from all over the country and some from across the globe attending.  The event kicks off on Friday, February 5 with practice runs for teams and the chute is open to the public.  Who doesn't want to hop on a toboggan and drop down a 400 ft chute onto a frozen lake?  After sliding down the chute you can enjoy an adult beverage at the "Down the chute and Wine challenge" at the Snow Bowl.  All weekend food vendors will be on the ice serving up chili, chowder, pizza and burgers.  Skiing, snowboarding and tubing will be happening on the hill and of course toboggan teams will by vying for the fastest times all weekend.  For additional information on the event or to register your team check out

If after a day outdoors you are looking to warm-up the Camden Opera House has some great entertainment scheduled.  A new event called Community Supported Music begins Friday, January 23 and will continue every fourth Friday for the next 4 months.  Artists featured for the Community Supported Music are all fantastic local musicians.  Tickets are $10 per show or you can buy the whole series for $35.00.   The Camden Opera House is also showing movies and a children's classic "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" will be shown on Saturday, January 24th.  These are but a
few events that will be taking place this winter at the Camden Opera House and you can visit their website to check out others

With all the events happening I hope that some of you will come visit us in our winter wonderland!